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Harris: Uig - Tarbert | 1 July - 18 October 2020

Valid from 1 July - 18 October  2020

Please check the service status of this route before you travel 

Please note - We have published the next phase of our timetable. This will be in operation from 1 July 2020 until 18 October 2020

For bookings between 15 July - 18 October 2020, customers will be able to book on a rolling two-week window starting on 2 July 2020 at 9am.

For example:

- from 2 July, bookings will be open for the period 3 July - 15 July, and,

- from 3 July, bookings will be open for the period 4 July - 16 July and so on.

Each new additional day of booking will go live on our website from 9am each morning.

Read our latest customer update and FAQs on bookings and timetables.

Please note our Ports at Tarbert and Uig are operating to reduced opening hours due to the reduced timetable.

Check-in is 45 minutes prior to departure for vehicles and 30 minutes for foot passengers - otherwise space will be reallocated. Late check-in may also lead to the vehicle being refused carriage.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Due the current Covid-19 situation all our retail outlets on board our vessels and at ports will remain closed at this time.

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Table 24 Uig - Tarbert - Essential lifeline timetable - This image is currently not accessible to screen readers. Please phone 0800 066 5000 for timetable details




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