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Assisted Travel Guide

Assisted Travel Guide

We have developed this guide as part of our commitment to equality and inclusion, and to help you understand what to expect when traveling with us. Ultimately, our aim is to make sure that everyone who needs assistance gets all the help they require before, during and at the end of their journey. 

At CalMac, we are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to use our ferry services, particularly if you have restricted mobility or need some additional help to travel safely. 

We are committed to making sure that you, or any other customer who would like assistance, gets all the help needed before, during and at the end of your journey. This is regardless of whether you let us know about your needs prior to travelling. 

The principles set out in this document apply to customers with restricted mobility or additional support needs, including those with: 

  • sight or hearing difficulties, or learning disabilities 

  • short or long-term mobility problem (affecting your ability to walk and move around generally) 

  • a hidden disability which may not be immediately apparent to others, and 

  • disabled children travelling in pushchairs or wheelchairs. 

This guide has been developed in accordance with the UK's regulations concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterways, particularly in respect to the rights of disabled passengers and those with reduced mobility. We have designed this document to cover all phases of your journey - from buying your ticket with us, to assistance with onward travel. You can locate specific information by using the headings within it to guide you. 

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