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CalMac warns against island travel

Ferry operator CalMac is reinforcing the essential travel to islands only message on the back of the latest Scottish Government advice.
CalMac will be continuing its checks on people travelling for non-essential reasons with port and ferry staff asking for proof that they are an island resident, or evidence that they are a key worker, before being allowed to board. 
With good weather forecast this weekend and the relaxing of some lockdown rules, CalMac expects an increase in people trying to travel, particularly to islands in the Clyde.
'As the First Minister made very clear yesterday travel to islands continues to be for essential reasons only, they are not open for recreational purposes and people trying to board for a day trip will be turned away,' said CalMac's Director of Operations, Robert Morrison.
'Likewise, people with island second homes should not be travelling and we would ask them to be responsible before trying to board. The good weather may tempt people to get out and about, but I would urge everyone to continue to follow government guidelines and stay away from the islands."
Passenger and vehicle numbers are down 95% across CalMac's 28 routes as the majority of people have respected the advice to stay away for now.

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