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Colonsay - Harbour Operations Information


Isle of Colonsay
PA61 7YW

+44 (0)1951 200 217 (Press Option 2)

VHF Ch 12


Position 56°04'07.0"N 6°11'15.1"W

Wind & Weather Data

Live wind and weather data can be viewed on the following link

Live Wind and Weather Data - Colonsay




Visitors are advised to make reference to CMAL Notice to Mariners 05/22. Until works are completed the North berth remains closed to all vessels at all times. The expected date for completion of the works is February 2022. Yachts wishing to use the pier for berthing please contact the Port Office on the publised contact details. Any yachts doing so must ensure that ferry approaches to the pier are kept clear at all times.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships up to 100m can be acommodated at times the pier is not required by the CFL ferry service. Visiting vessels are advised to inform the office at least 24 hours in advance of arrival.

For more information on things to see and do along with visitor information and assistance check Isle of Colonsay

Cruise Ship Tenders

Cruise ship tenders can be landed with prior agreement.

colonsay pier

Commercial Vessels

Any commercial vessels wishing to use Colonsay Harbour must ensure that any operations do not interfere with timetabled ferry services.

Fishing Vessels

No fishing vessels use Colonsay Ferry Terminal as home port.

About the local harbour

Within the local area of Colonsay (Scalasaig) harbour there is a general store, bookshop, brewery, art gallery and café. Further afield is Colonsay House and Kiloran Bay.

Further information on things to see and do can be found at Isle of Colonsay

Ferry Movements

CFL operate a regular service to Colonsay seven days a week.

Colonsay view


Mariners using the anchorage at Scalasaig Bay are requested not to anchor in the vicinity (200yds) of Scalasaig Pier Head to keep the approach transit clear for large vessels. A regular ferry service uses the pierhead to manoeuvre onto the berth.


There are no moorings within the harbour limits.


No pontoons.

Port Authority / Operator

Authority: Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL)

Operator: CalMac Harbours (Division of CalMac Ferries Ltd)

Approximate Annual Tonnage

1 000 000T

Principle Traffic

Ferry / Cargo

River / Tidal Berths






Number of Berths


Commercial / cargo handling facilities

Linkspans: 1 capacity 120T


Waste - No
Electricity - No
Showers - No
Water - No
Fuel - No

Harbour User Consultative Forum

Latest meeting records can be found at the links below:


Harbour User Information

CalMac Harbours would welcome all feedback on Navigation and Port Waste Management. For the questionnaires, please refer to the Procedures and Documents section of the website. 



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