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Mingary Pier, 



PH36 4LJ

Tel: (01475) 650397


Coordinates56Deg 41.316' N  006Deg 5.619' W
YachtsYachts pass through the area but in general don't lie here
Cruise ShipsCruise ships in general don't anchor here.
Cruise Ship TendersDay trip and wildlife boats use the pier to land and pick up passengers on day trips out of Tobermory.
Commercial VesselsThe pier has been closed for some time and even though its now open to foot passengers the deck is not certified to take vehicles so there is no commercial traffic.
Fishing VesselsFishing vessels rarely use the pier at the moment but will use it when the deck is rated for vehicle traffic.
About the local harbourIt is exposed in a westerly and south westerly wind, It is sheltered from northerly and easterly winds. There are public toilets 200yds from the slipway.There is a small coffee shop approx 1/2 mile away and a shop and petrol station aprox 1 mile away. There is also a hotel and a camp site in the area.
Pilotage guidanceNo pilotage is offered. Standing NTMs can be found  here
Ferry MovementsSeven ferry movements per day in summer, three or four per day in the winter. Consult timetable for sailing times.
AnchorageAnchorages available as per charts.
MooringsNo CFL moorings in the bay.
PontoonsNo pontoons. There is a pontoon that belongs to Marine Harvest but it's not for public use.
FacilitiesWaste - No
Electricity - No
Showers - No
Water - No
Fuel - No


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