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Three Isles Tour Terms and Conditions

Each part of the adventure that you wish to book is provided by a separate company, referred to here as an "Operator".  Links that will take you to each Operator's terms and conditions and any associated data privacy policy are set out below (referred to here as the "Terms").  By ticking the "I Accept" box you are confirming your acceptance of those Terms and when you complete your booking, a legal contract will be created between you and each Operator.  Please follow the links so that you identify the relevant Operator and understand the terms of your contract. CalMac Ferries is the Operator responsible for the ferry transport part of your booking.  The other parts of your adventure are being booked by CalMac Ferries as agent for the Operator(s) concerned, meaning that contractual responsibility for those parts of your booking will lie with the relevant Operator and not with CalMac Ferries.

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