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Online shop launched to increase revenue streams

Online shop launched to increase revenue streams

Our new online shop is now open to help increase revenue streams.

We will build the range of products on sale over time to offer customers a full selection of CalMac branded goods.

Head of Customer Sales, Kurt Hart said:

'Our CalMac branded goods are popular souvenirs at our on board shops so it was a natural progression to help increase revenues to launch online as well.'

A brick model of the MV Loch Seaforth is proving popular. The 37cm long model is built using 310 plastic construction bricks.

'We hatched the idea when a child tried to design a model for another well-known toy company but couldn't get enough support to have the toy made,' said Andrew.

'We wanted to respond to customer demand and provide something people really seem to want to buy when they travel with us. We chose the Loch Seaforth as it's one of the newest vessels in our fleet, with an interesting shape and design.

brick boat MV Loch Seaforth

You can view the current product range here

Picture shows: The new model MV Loch Seaforth is now on sale.

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