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Arran Rock n Blues

Arran Rock n Blues

The sold out Arran Rock 'n' Blues Festival 2019 attracted a capacity crowd of 500 people to Lamlash at the end of July for a weekend of live music.

The event attracted approximately 400 visitors plus 15 bands, sounds engineers and security staff to the community of Arran.

80% of visitors travelled to Arran by ferry reflecting the important role CalMac play in driving economic value to the island.

Arran Rock n Blues

Not only did the event benefit local pubs, restaurants, cafes and accommodation providers in Lamlash it offered organisations and businesses such as Arran Gin, Arran Distillery the new Arran ice cream and Arran Thai van an opportunity to engage a captive audience.

Local crafters had an opportunity to sell their work at the market stalls and Lamlash improvements had a tea tent which made £500 for the Lamlash community.

Arran Rock 'n' Blues will return to Lamlash in September 2020.


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