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Ferries Community Board Safety Appeal: Please wear a mask when Travelling

Ferries Community Board -  Angus Campbell, Chair
5th September 2021

Safety appeal:

Please wear a mask when Travelling

The Ferries Community Board is asking all passengers to wear their masks while travelling unless exempt from doing so. At their meeting on Friday the board were informed of the huge pressures services are under. The number of staff having to self-isolate and vessels having to be deep cleaned has already hit services and the onboard offerings on some crossings. This has coincided with a reported drop in the number of passengers wearing masks. Please help protect our islands communities, your fellow passengers plus the staff and crew on our ferries network by taking the simple precaution of wearing a mask. Further increases in incidents can only lead to fewer services in an already struggling ferry network hurting our islands and the health of those who live and work on them.

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