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Beautiful beaches demanding to be discovered.

beach Outer Hebrides

The west coast is home to some of the world's most incredible beaches, with white sand, turquoise ocean and often not a soul in sight, you would be forgiven for not believing you are in Scotland. With summer on the horizon, here is just a selection of little pockets of worldly wonders waiting to be discovered:


Scarista, Isle of Harris

Scarista beach on the southwest tip of the Isle of Harris is an example of the Outer Hebrides at its finest. Here you will find a backdrop of the rounded mountains of South Harris easing into Machair covered dunes, fine golden sand, clear turquoise water and peeling surfable waves rolling in from the north Atlantic. To 'Blue Space' (AKA bodies of water) enthusiasts, Scarista beach is probably the closest place to heaven you will find on a Scottish coastline. 

The mile long walk into Scarista couldn't be more worth it. This humongous sandy stretch sprawls out in front of you, gently descending into a stunning turquoise ocean. Due to its sheer size, even on a busy day, Scarista feels quiet and remote.



Balephuil Bay, Tiree

Tiree, known as the Hawaii of the North, is ideal for an island escape, and Balephuil Bay is the place to soak up those beach vibes. Enjoy the white-shell beaches and crystal-clear waters that a perfect for a swim thanks to the warm temperatures brought in by the Guld Stream. High winds also make the bay a great windsurfing spot.

As well as being (seasonally) windy, Tiree also receives the most hours of UK sunshine making it one of the sunniest places in the UK.

Girl surfing in Tiree


Ettrick Bay, Bute

Bute is synonymous with beautiful beaches and glorious scenic vistas of the mainland to the East and the Isle of Arran on the Southwest.

Popular with holiday makers is Ettrick Bay. The long, golden sandy beach reaches a mile along the west coast of the island and is great for beach walks, paddling in the clear blue water and spotting birdlife at the south end of the bay - and a brilliant idea for a quick getaway with friends and family.

Ettrick Bay

(Photo credit Kenny Lam, VisitScotland)



With a near-continuous beach on its western side, Berneray looks more like a tropical paradise than a Hebridean isle. Voted number 3 in Lonely Planet's Best Beaches in Europe, the 3-mile beach offer seascapes so stunning they were for once mistaken for an exotic resort in Thailand! And who are we to argue?



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Sollas, North Uist

The beach at Sollas is one of the finest on the island of North Uist. This crescent shaped expanse of sand, dunes and open machair faces northwest, looking out to the powerful Atlantic Ocean. Sollas beach is not the easiest to access, it lies about a mile from the nearest road. However, the trek down to the sand is worth it to experience this epic beach. The sheer size of Sollas is incredible, white shell-sand extended each direction. Truly remote, you may find that you are the only person on Sollas!



Fidden Beach

Fidden Beach is one mile from Fionphort in Mull and faces west towards Iona and beyond. Pink granite outcrops give the water a vibrant colour, and on a sunny day the bay at Fidden could be mistaken for the Caribbean.

The beautiful coastline is perfect for family fun and great place for kayaking and swimming, as well as spotting wildlife like mountain hare and seals. The nearby campsites allow visitors to pitch up and head to one of the many coves for a spectacular sunset.

Fidden Beach, Fionnphort

(Photo credit Kenny Lam, VisitScotland)


Traigh Eais, Barra

At the northern tip of the Isle of Barra, where the land narrows, you will find two glorious Blue Spaces lying back-to-back. On the wild west coast is Traigh Eais, a stunning expanse of golden sand open to the power of the Atlantic Ocean and often surfed. However, its much more famous sister lies on the east coast, Traigh Mhor or better known as Barra airport beach. 



Kiloran Bay

Surf's up on Kiloran Bay - one of Colonsay's most celebrated beaches. 6ft waves and wonderful views of the Isle of Jura make the destination popular with surfers. However, it is not busy all year round - previous beach dwellers here have discovered a peaceful beach with spectacular surroundings and great walks over the sand dunes.

Children playing on Kiloran Beach, Colonsay


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This is just a handful of incredible beaches on the west coast demanding to be discovered. View our destinations to pages to find a west coast spot to bask in.



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