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Case Studies

Case Studies

We are proud of what our apprentices have achieved. Meet some of them as they tell their stories about how their hard work and determination as well as passion has helped them achieve their goals.


Daniel MacIntyre, - Engine Apprentice Graduate

"I was attracted to the CalMac Ferries programme because I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn new things, and a great chance to build a good career. It also helped that I would be working within a reasonable distance from where I live. "At college, I thought it had pretty much everything I needed to learn about going to sea, and the accommodation also had everything I needed, too. "The aspect I most enjoyed was working in the engine room in college. I think I learned the most through this particular part of the course. The room was well equipped with a running engine and different kit such as generators and electrical switchboards. It was an excellent example of what I would be doing aboard the ship. "In addition, the lecturers at college were very knowledgeable and good to deal with."

Daniel MacIntyre


Inna Georgieva - Retail and Catering Apprentice Graduate

"The Retail and Catering Apprenticeship programme was an amazing experience and a great start to our new careers at sea. I'm very pleased and proud that I had the chance to be part of it, especially considering it's the first ever catering apprenticeship provided by CalMac Ferries. "I was attracted to programme because it felt like a great opportunity to work for a company that I was very familiar with as a frequent passenger on board CalMac ships. I knew it would be a good job for me, and many refer to it as a 'job for life', so I didn't think twice before applying. "What I received in return was a year of great training, exciting courses, the modern and well equipped facilities of City of Glasgow College, brilliant tutors and an excellent experience overall. "I would recommend the Apprenticeship programme to anyone who thinks they would enjoy working at sea. With CalMac, you'll be working in great conditions and among friendly and helpful crew. I was making new friends and learning new skills constantly. "Working on board CalMac vessels gave me an amazing opportunity to develop my customer service knowledge and push myself to do things I never thought I'd be able to do. And now a year later, I'm enjoying my job more than ever and looking forward to my career while traveling around Scotland."

female catering staff serving food


Craig Evans - Retail Apprentice Graduate

"Through my Retail Rating Apprenticeship, I have gained valuable knowledge about working at sea - all of which are vital to doing the job well. This includes things I would never have known or even thought about before. "My apprenticeship opened my eyes to how dangerous an environment we work in but also to how CalMac Ferries has made sure I'm well equipped to cope with anything. "Each crew member I have worked with has been more than welcoming. The rotation between vessels has meant that I get to understand the varying characteristics, routes and passengers' needs of each route. "I know each of us are coming out of this process more qualified, more experienced and with the possibility of a fantastic career for life, with the scope to rise through the ranks."

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