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We all want the young people in our life to do well, be happy and choose the right career path for them. It's often easier said than done - these days, there is a multitude of options out there.

Gone are the days when the only route to 'succeed' was to do well in exams at school and head straight to university. Modern Apprenticeships are proving to be a popular and successful route in the workplace. CalMac don't ask for any formal qualifications for our programmes but we do look for passion, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the industry.

CalMac are recognised as an industry leader for Modern Apprenticeships, we pay well above the industry average and have highly sought after benefits - so be assured that the young person in your life will be well looked after!

Our Modern Apprentice programmes range from 12 months to 18 months, depending on the programme they choose. (Check out the page before for more information on the apprenticeships we offer)

Our seagoing Modern Apprentices attend College throughout their training in Glasgow; however will spend the majority of training out on the vessels at sea.

Whether at college or at sea CalMac cover everything. Travel to and from the destinations, accommodation and healthy balanced food - we even teach them how to do their own washing, ironing and manage their money.

We look after them all, each of our Modern Apprentices are teamed up with a former Apprentice as their buddy for day to day queries, they also have a mentor to help guide them through their journey, their Mentor will be a more experienced member of crew/staff. Support is also available from the Learning & Development team, the Modern Apprentices even have individual MS Teams chat groups should they need help at anytime.

CalMac might be the option for them, then again it might not. Have a good read of our FAQ's and what our Modern Apprenticeships offer.

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