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Useful background

Since 2007 Clyde and Hebrides ferry services have been delivered by CalMac Ferries Ltd under the terms of a contract set by Transport Scotland. This contract sets virtually every aspect of the service provided including routes, fares, timetables and the ports and vessels to be used. The fleet is owned by a separate organisation, Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL), which is also responsible for the design and procurement of new ships. CMAL also own around half the ports and harbours used by CalMac and is responsible for their repair and maintenance.

In June this year the Scottish Government will invite tenders from bidders to run these ferry services, initially from October 2016 to 2022, but with the option for an extension to 2024. CalMac wishes to engage with its current customers to understand what it does well, but also what it could do better within the likely parameters set by the Government contract.  This is to help determine what is important to the wider community for their future ferry service.


CalMac's responsibility is for the operation and marketing of the ferry services, to the specification set by Transport Scotland using the vessels supplied by CMAL, including on-board services such as retail/catering and the on-going maintenance of the ships. It has some flexibility in how ships are deployed but not all ships can use all ports due to different specifications.

Board members and senior executives from CalMac's parent company David MacBrayne Ltd hosted 24 public meetings in mainland ports and on more than a dozen Clyde and Hebridean islands over a three week period during May and June .

We tried to cover as many areas and communities as possible in the time available and we recognise that some people were unable to attend.  We would encourage as many people as possible to fill in an on-line feedback form if they haven't already done so. We are grateful to those who have submitted forms on the day or on-line, and if they have any further thoughts they should feel free to submit more. 

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