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Consultations at Caledonian MacBrayne

Consultations at Caledonian MacBrayne

Consultation plays an important and valuable role in the delivery of Caledonian MacBrayne services. We want to make sure those affected by any changes or proposals have an opportunity to have their say and help us shape a service that more meaningfully delivers what our island communities need. We do this by using the Islands Community Impact Assessment (ICIA) approach as set out in the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 .

We publish the outcome of all Island Community Impact Assessments on our website and we have published further Frequently Asked Questions about consultations below - which are designed to give you more information, in the format of the most commonly asked questions we get on the subject.


Planned consultations and how to participate

All active consultations will be listed below, and this will include information on the dates of the consultation and how you can participate. Any personal information used within a consultation will be managed in line with Caledonian MacBrayne's Privacy Notice

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