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Island Guide to Mull

Take a CalMac journey to the Isle of Mull on Scotland's west coast. Watch our island guide and get a taster of what the island offer. Find out more about the island, what's on and the best way for you to travel to Mull

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Thanks to the following contributors to the video
James Fairbairns from Sea Life Surveys. Thank you for the additional wildlife footage you kindly supplied. 
Sir Lachlan Maclean from Duart Castle
Andrew Kane from Mull Highland Games
Neil Goldsmith from Isle of Mull Hotel and Spa

Filmed by Trevor Thomson from BlueStar Streaming


Video Transcript

CalMac Journeys - The Isle of Mull

My name is Lachlan Maclean, chief of the Clan Maclean and I live at Duart Castle which people pass, on the whole, when they come over by ferry to Craignure. Duart castle has been my home ever since I was a boy. Well, I think it's the only fortress castle inhabited left on the Isle of Mull and it's still lived in, because it's my home. It is one of the oldest buildings on the island. It has amazing views and it's a feature that most people who come to the island want to visit. A lot of people who come to Scotland do actually want to visit historical things they don't necessarily want to go to a theme park. A lot of them are coming to do history discover history learn about Scottish history.


I'm Andrew Kane the president of the Mull Highland Games. This iteration of the games began in 1923 when the Mull branch of the British Legion decided to form a games in which they got lots of the local community business to come together and establish a games. The games covers a vast variety of events, you get the traditional running and jumping but then the more esoteric events such as probably the most well known internationally which is tossing the caber.

It's really an event of skill and great strength to get this log over and pointing in the right direction. You're throwing the hammer, putting the ball and entertained in between with highland bands, pipe bands.


Hello, my name is Neil Goldsmith, I run the Isle of Mull Hotel and Spa. Its very easy to access local produce on the island, a lot of eateries on the island prefer to use local produce and it gives the freshness it gives the sustainability and people come to Mull to experience Mull, and part of that experience is our local produce. Tobermory has a wide range of accommodation. It has lots of little hotels throughout Tobermory.  All picturesque! Along the front you have the coloured buildings I'm sure everyone is aware of. But you can also go up high which overlooks the bay itself there's also a campsite not far outside Tobermory  for people who want to camp rather than stay in hotels.

For people that want to come and visit the Isle of Mull, the best way is by ferry. There are three ferry ports on Mull coming over from the mainland the main ferry comes from Oban which brings you into Craignure Bay, but there are two other ferries as well, one is from Lochaline which brings you into Fishnish on Mull and the other one is Kilchoan, right on the peninsula which brings you straight across to Tobermory, so depending on how busy you are and how relaxed you want the journey to be you have three ports to choose from to get over to Mull.


Hi, I'm James Fairbairns, I run a whale watching company in Tobermory, Sea Life Surveys. My most popular tour would be the whale watch, that runs most days and what a lot of people are after of course is the minke whale. This area here is known worldwide for being a hot spot, if you like, for minke whales. We also regularly see basking sharks and dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins and also common dolphins and sometimes bigger dolphins like Orcas, killer whale.

Mull is really a wildlife capital, we like to think of it as good for seeing land-based beasties' like white tailed eagles, peregrine falcons, hen harriers, plenty of birds! We also like mammals like Red Deer, otters and then of course there's the coastline which as you know we're famous here for looking for things like puffins, guillemots, razor bills.

The ferry routes to the island are vital. It's a lifeline service across to Mull

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