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Feedback from Public Drop In Sessions (Colonsay, Jura and Islay)

Port Askaig works - Feedback from Public Drop In Sessions (Colonsay, Jura and Islay) 

Can CalMac restrict space onboard the vessel to ensure there is sufficient space for Colonsay users on the Port Ellen/Colonsay/Oban link during the closure period? 

This is being explored by CalMac and an update will be provided once known. 

How will emergency events be managed at Colonsay during the closure period? 

Current process will be followed.

The new website and booking system causes a lot of frustration to customers. When booking the Islay service, this requires two separate web browsers to be opened e.g. one page to view Port Ellen sailings and the other to view Port Askaig sailings. Previously customers were able to view all sailings together which made this easier when making a booking. Can the online booking system be amended to allow this?  

Kennacraig-Port Ellen and Kennacraig-Port Askaig are two separate routes that happen to go to the same island, in the same way that Oban-Castlebay and Eriskay-Ardmhor are both services to Barra. There is no functionality within the current systems to facilitate combining the routes.  

Sailings are not available online to book during periods of disruption. However, when using the phone line to book, the operator can see availability and process the booking. Why can't customers book via the website but the phone operators can?  

In general, while configuration changes are happening in the system, and any required traffic moves are being carried out, sailings are blocked to both the web and internally for new bookings.  When opening sailings back up again, they have to be unlocked internally before being released to the web, so there may be a short delay and "mismatch" while this process is carried out.   

Website does not separate availability for vehicles and foot passengers. It would be useful for this to be amended to allow customers to understand the availability for each at a first glance.  

Functionality to show vehicle and passenger availability separately on the website does not exist within the current systems. 

Advertisement of the public drop-in sessions could have been done better. Customers fedback this was not included within the local newspaper and island newsletter. 

A press release detailing the sessions was sent to the Ileach and the Oban Times/Argyllshire Advertiser. We've also noted the email address for Jura Jottings newsletter and will ensure this is included for future events.

If the late sailing is requested for the Jura ferry, does this have an impact on requesting the early sailing for the following day?  

We would consider the possibility during Port Askaig closure period to have a late sailing one day followed by early sailing the following morning during Port Askaig closure period. However, it must be noted it is not possible to have an early sailing and late sailing on the same day. Late sailing and early sailing requests must be made in advance by 12 noon previous day as indicated in published timetable. 

In order for Jura residents to make the 0700 sailing from Port Ellen to Kennacraig, they would require an earlier sailing from Jura. Jura ferry offer a 0615 request sailing however, this does not always allow the connection to be met when there's more traffic on the road and meeting check in time required. Can Jura ferry consider amending the sailing to allow this connection to be met?  

Due to regulatory hours of rest and current scheduled timetable it will not be possible to offer any sailing earlier than 0615. It should also be noted it is not possible to book an early and late sailing on the same day due to crew hours of rest. 

CalMac arrive into Port Ellen at 1750 and the next Jura service is at 1830. The connection cannot always be met unless customers rush to Port Askaig. Delays to disembarking CalMac's service at Port Ellen has an impact on meeting this connection, as well as facing more traffic on the road between Port Ellen to Port Askaig. Can the 1830 Jura ferry be amended slightly to allow a better connection and prevent Jura residents having to wait hours for the next sailing at 2130.   

Published timetable contains 1830 sailing which is used by other customers who may not be travelling on CalMac ferry therefore, it is not possible to change timetable. Late ferry (2130) should be booked in advance for onward travel to Jura for those travelling on CalMac service arriving into Port Ellen at 1750.  

If CalMac's service is delayed, this has a knock-on effect to the Jura ferry connection. How will this be managed?  

Jura ferry last scheduled timetabled sailing is 1830. In the event of delay by no greater than 15minutes contact should be made to Jura ferry office at Port Askaig to advise crew of delay. In the event no 2130 late sailing has been booked for the day the boat master on shift may at his discretion delay departure of 1830 sailing.   

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