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CalMac customers urged to go online

Ferry operator CalMac is urging customers looking to cancel trips to go online after its contact centres were swamped with almost 5000 phone calls in a single day.

The impact of Coronavirus means the company's contact centres are operating a reduced service, coinciding with unprecedented call volumes.

CalMac's Head of Customer Services, Alan Hood said: 'Our staff are currently focused on protecting services for those who live on the islands, but have essential travel to and from the mainland, and for lifeline businesses and suppliers who urgently need make these crossings. I understand customer concerns about their travel plans, but being inundated with calls is making it very difficult to deal with urgent and essential situations.

'Customers looking to cancel a booking and receive a refund can do so through our website, and are urged to use this method.' CalMac has now stopped taking new bookings on all of its services up to and including 15 July 2020, and all travel prior to this date is for essential lifeline services only, operating as a 'turn-up and go' service.

Only island residents and those with essential business on an island are currently permitted to travel.

Full details on how to get a refund on a booked ticket at

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