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Evacuation can't keep CalMac customer team from carrying on


Even the threat of unexploded ordnance can't keep CalMac's customer operations team away from keeping passengers on the move.

The dozen strong team which handles more than 260,000 calls and 21,000 emails per year were forced out of their Gourock base temporarily as the Royal Navy dealt with an old unexploded naval mine.

But they simply upped and moved down the hill to take over the board room at CalMac's HQ to keep the phone lines open.

"Providing a lifeline services even being out of contact for a short period of time can have a big impact on people who rely on us for every day services and supplies. So it's important even in emergencies we keep the lines open," said Head of Customer Forecasting and Planning, Iain Slorach

The team were recently awarded Global Standard Accreditation for the helpfulness and professionalism by the Contact Centre Association (CCA).


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