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CalMac improves customer experience for hearing impaired

Hard of hearing ferry passengers are set to benefit from a new video interpretation service that will make it easier for them to manage their ticket bookings.

CalMac is the first transport operator in the country to offer the British Sign Language Interpreting Video Relay Service (VRS) to hearing impaired customers.

The VRS system provides an easy and flexible way to interact with sign language users through their mobile phone.

Passengers with hearing problems simply down load the sign language app to their mobile and call a number to connect to an interpreter via video link. The interpreter then calls CalMac's customer care team and then interprets back through sign language via video to the hearing impaired customer.

CalMac's Head of Customer Experience, Sandra Crighton said:

'CalMac is committed to making our services as accessible as possible to passengers whatever their individual needs. Our team is constantly monitoring new industry developments to see how we can improve our customer care standards. We will always be early adopters of the latest technology if it is is going to improve a passenger's experience of travelling with us.

'I'm sure this new app will be a great addition to our customer service offering for passengers who rely on sign language.'

Once the app is downloaded CalMac will also be able to contact the customer with any service updates via sign language.

According to the British Deaf Association there are around 87,000 deaf people who rely on sign language to communicate. 

People can download the new app here

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