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What is the first steps in ensuring you get the best assistance for your needs?

The first step in ensuring you get the best assistance for your needs is for you to speak to us about what you think your requirements might be. For us to be able to offer the best service possible we need to work with you to understand what type of help you might need. Communication is at the heart of this guide and whilst we will do all we can to support you throughout your journey, we need your help to make sure we get it right.

Before you travel please get in touch with our Customer Services Team  to discuss all aspects of your accessibility needs, including:

  • lift access

  • assistance to get you to your seat on board the ferry (where this service exists)

  • wheelchair assistance

  • additional room for access

  • information on concessionary travel

  • how to purchase tickets and,

  • general information about your journey with us.

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