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Waste to Wealth Commitment

CalMac have signed up to the Prince's Trust 'Waste to Wealth Commitment' to help tackle the challenges of climate change.

The Waste to Wealth Commitment:

As members of the Prince's Responsible Business Network we recognise that we have just 12 years to change our relationship with the resources we use to avoid catastrophic climate change and restore the health of our environment. Business is ready to tackle this head on. To that end we commit to the following:

1. Set targets to improve the productivity of resources that are key for our business.

2. Work collectively towards doubling the nation's resource productivity and eliminating avoidable waste by 2030, contributing in the way that is most relevant to our business.

3. Redesign how resources are used in our products, services and operations.

4. Collaborate across our organisations, value chains and sectors.

5. Reconvene and report on progress annually to share learning and demonstrate results.

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