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Wildlife Officer

Wildlife Officer

This year, for the third year running, there will be an ORCA Wildlife Officer programme across the CalMac fleet, and we would like to welcome Ashleigh Kitchiner on board to help you learn more about the amazing wildlife found in the Hebrides. Ashleigh will be exploring the west coast of Scotland, looking out for the incredible wildlife the Hebrides has to offer and learning more about it. She will be on hand to point out animals and answer any wildlife related questions you might have whilst travelling on the CalMac network.

Picture of bottlenose dolphin skull

Take a look at the routes below showing the Wildlife Officer sightings from 2019, 1187 animals in total, incredible! We will be advertising the routes our Wildlife Officer will be surveying, including the Mini-Cruises, on a monthly basis (subject to weather and timetable changes).If you find yourself on one of these routes, please go out and see Ashleigh on deck and help her spot these amazing animals.

Map of ORCA wildlife sightings

List for Wildlife Officer

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