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Step 2 - Summary of changes

Step 2 - Summary

Once you select Next on Step 1, you will be taken to a summary of the amendments you have made to allow you to check and confirm all of your changes.

Price Summary

The Price Summary section shows the original cost, the new cost, and highlights if there is any difference in price. Changes will be highlighted with a pale blue background. (In this example, an adult has been added to the booking.)

Picture of Header and Price Summary sections on Summary screen

Sailing Details

The sailing details section will display the journeys that will be booked for you if you confirm the amendments you have made.  Any changes will be highlighted with a pale blue background. 

Picture of Sailing details section of Summary screen


New tickets will be generated when a booking is amended online.  You can change the ticket delivery method if required e.g. if you previously chose "Print at Home" tickets and  can no longer access a printer to print new tickets, you can change to "Collect at Port Office" and pick up your tickets from the port of departure.

Picture of Ticket Delivery section of Summary screen


If the changes you have made to your booking result in the total cost increasing, you will be asked to pay the difference.  You can choose to use one of your registered cards or you can use a different card, as long as it belongs to the account holder.

Picture of Payment section of Summary screen

Conditions of Carriage and Privacy Notice

In order to confirm your amendment(s) and update the booking, you are required to agree to the terms and conditions described in the Conditions of Carriage, and that you have read and understood our Privacy notice detailing how we will use the data you provide. 

Picture of Conditions of Carriage and Privacy Notice statements on Summary screen

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